“I met a girl named Albie today. She asked me to take her home. Gosh. ” And the next day in the diary…. “Albie asked me to take her home again today.” My grandpa had only two entries in his journal when I found the tattered black book. These were them. Albie was my grandma. I know little about her, except that she had a sweet tooth and liked making fudge. I have her “secret recipe” in my belongings. I have another recipe that is scrawled out as “Albie’s cheesecake”. I also have a quilt with puffs all over it that she made for me, as well as a Ragedy Ann and Andy doll. My favorite color is white. I find it soothing. Albina means “white”. Perhaps that is another reason why it is my favorite color. Albina. I find it to be a very old fashioned name of a lady who lived a tough life, had love, liked sweets, and was crafty.

Published by kflockhart

I've enjoyed writing since the first grade, since my aunt gave me a journal so long ago to write in. Now I write to enjoy the moments. I write to stretch and share my thoughts. I write to connect and find calm. Raising three kids, three rabbits and two cats, with a school social work career, I need the daily refuge writing offers. The simple reflections allow for an abundance of memories to the hurried pace of life.

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