A tour of my hometown.

When summer comes, with the warm days, and splendid free time, the inspirations absorb so many of the moments. Maybe I can watercolor a picture, or fill another garden box, or comb through a box of old pictures, or schedule lunch with this friend I haven’t seen in years…. The ideas become endless. Does this secretly happen to all teachers? Well one of the big ideas that struck me week 2 of 10, after returning from a vacation my week 1 of 10 was to create and offer an historic and literature tour of my hometown. Is it possible I could put it together by week 5 of 10? My town has an historic area of houses grouped together around a hill where there are monuments, an old cemetery, and a private elementary school (which I attended for three miserable years of junior high). At the far end of the hill, across a quiet street, stands the towns historical homestead and society. (They only do walking tours with the summer campers.) Down the hill, across our somewhat busy main street, is a suffragette’s old home which had been sold to a developer last summer. I had purchased the one book written about her, Lillian Devereux Blake by Grace Farrell , and joined Facebook forces to quickly save the histical and significant structure from demolition. Thankfully the architecture was saved, however now it sits vacant and desolate looking. The tour would pass another monument and would come to an end where we started, at the town library. We have one very famous author from our town. His books have become movies, making it easy to weave this information into the tour. I have thought about how I can market it, what I can charge, when I could offer the tours. Or, do I stay uncommitted and carefree? I think it would be fun to give it a try. (Soliciting advice if you have any.)

Lillian Devereux Blake’s home saved from demolitian.

Published by kflockhart

I've enjoyed writing since the first grade, since my aunt gave me a journal so long ago to write in. Now I write to enjoy the moments. I write to stretch and share my thoughts. I write to connect and find calm. Raising three kids, three rabbits and two cats, with a school social work career, I need the daily refuge writing offers. The simple reflections allow for an abundance of memories to the hurried pace of life.

4 thoughts on “A tour of my hometown.

  1. Your enthusiasm is admirable! Maybe this is a project that some students could work on throughout the school year? Maybe you don’t need to do it all by yourself?

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