Cool, gray summer day.

It has been a cool, gray summer day.

With a still mood leading the way.

My frame of mind is monochrome.

as moments drift quietly by.

So many things I want to do,

but the spirit lays unremarkable too.

Perhaps a bit of green,

will change this quiet scene.

Mint leaves, hot tea, a movie to pass the time,

Emerald in the ring, It is the male grasshopper’s turn to sing.

How to connect gray to green and wrap up this thing???

Grow with grace.

Be grateful for the pace.

Published by kflockhart

I've enjoyed writing since the first grade, since my aunt gave me a journal so long ago to write in. Now I write to enjoy the moments. I write to stretch and share my thoughts. I write to connect and find calm. Raising three kids, three rabbits and two cats, with a school social work career, I need the daily refuge writing offers. The simple reflections allow for an abundance of memories to the hurried pace of life.

5 thoughts on “Cool, gray summer day.

  1. I like how you add the pop of green into the scene you create here. I’ve always thought of gray as a mood, not a color, but sometimes it can be cozy and a little of what is needed here and there. My favorite line is “My frame of mind is monochrome.” You capture the mood well with this line.

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  2. Gorgeous poem! I really connected to that gray mood. Love how you resolved it. I really enjoyed the rhyme scheme!


  3. While yesterday was not gray, I connected with these lines in your poem: “So many things I want to do/but the spirit lays unremarkable too.” Your photo is so serene that makes me want to enter it to just “be in the moment”.

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  4. A perfectly airy, clean summer poem, capturing so well the “spirit lays unremarkable” sense of not wanting to do those many things that need to be done. I am thinking about needing the gray moments to rest body, spirit, mind. The bits of green are so refreshing and nurturing – lovely trail of thoughts in your poem. It’s the color of growth, so well-connected to grace here – with the wise advice to enjoy the slower pace!

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