Thoughts in my little Hungarian church.

Sitting in my little Hungarian “St Emery’s” Church yesterday, with my cousin beside me, celebrating the life of his sister who had been taken too soon. The priest stated to “lower the mask when receiving communion”. Immediately I was taken back in time to think about how much the church has survived and endured. ThisContinue reading “Thoughts in my little Hungarian church.”

Teen’s moodiness and thank you note to grandparents

Sometimes the moments are just in sync with one another, even on Mondays. It’s a back to work day with little sleep the night prior. I’m not sure why, but I felt like I just tossed and turned the early morning hours away. I think it was because I knew I’d have to get upContinue reading “Teen’s moodiness and thank you note to grandparents”

Saving an Historic House

A suffragette from the 1800’s, a wealthy developer, the zoning board, a mayor, a handful of girl scouts, an author, several historians, a college history professor, a reporter, and many local residents. These are the players. The game board? An 1856 Carpenter Gothic style home, that sits in front of three acres of overgrown land,Continue reading “Saving an Historic House”

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