Captured! By comma commotion. In the calm of the calamity. The pale green, of the painted door, leading to a balcony. Those doors, they must only swing inward.  Accented plants, in metal hangers, gracing the doorway. Perfectly placed in position. A quiet, quaint, spectacular space, outside, and above, to simply, stylishly, step into and onto.Continue reading “Captured!”


This photo was taken a year ago when I had found ten bells hanging from a colorful, metal, bowl of fruit wind chime. I think I paid about $5 at a Restore for it. Though I didn’t like the bowl of fruit, I liked the sound of the bells. In coming across a pair ofContinue reading “Simple”

Getting Closer

With the summer winding down and the school year getting closer I find myself trying to accomplish the last things on my list with urgency. There are four items remaining: Call my brother to take the 1950’s fridge out of my garage that he wants, Sign up to do a flea market, start a bathroomContinue reading “Getting Closer”

Cool, gray summer day.

It has been a cool, gray summer day. With a still mood leading the way. My frame of mind is monochrome. as moments drift quietly by. So many things I want to do, but the spirit lays unremarkable too. Perhaps a bit of green, will change this quiet scene. Mint leaves, hot tea, a movieContinue reading “Cool, gray summer day.”

A tour of my hometown.

When summer comes, with the warm days, and splendid free time, the inspirations absorb so many of the moments. Maybe I can watercolor a picture, or fill another garden box, or comb through a box of old pictures, or schedule lunch with this friend I haven’t seen in years…. The ideas become endless. Does thisContinue reading “A tour of my hometown.”


Perhaps one day he’ll see a different perspective. How does one teach perspective? Is it easier to teach perspective to an adult, or a child, or a teenager? How does one teach perspective? Especially when the person no longer attends school, in hopes that one of the Teachers might cover it in a literature class,Continue reading “Perspectives”

Did you know Dr. Seuss graduated from Dartmouth?

“Oh the Places you’ll Go….” With graduation fevor in the air, I was researching inspirational quotes that could get stamped on simple brown journals to give as graduation gifts to the students I’ve worked with this past year. Amidst the shopping on ESTY for stamps, I came across the interesting tidbit that Dr. Seuss graduatedContinue reading “Did you know Dr. Seuss graduated from Dartmouth?”


“I met a girl named Albie today. She asked me to take her home. Gosh. ” And the next day in the diary…. “Albie asked me to take her home again today.” My grandpa had only two entries in his journal when I found the tattered black book. These were them. Albie was my grandma.Continue reading “Albina”

Missed the writing

It is refreshing to be back. Back to writing and posting. I completed the March challenge and stepped away for a bit but here I am, back, wanting to slink into the mode. I passed a hill of daffodils this morning. A hill full of them! I couldn’t pull over to take a picture becauseContinue reading “Missed the writing”


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