The picture of the pitcher on my wall

There is a white stoneware pitcher with a handle gracing the side, atop a shelf. The pitcher sits on a linen runner with delicate hand crotched edging. The pitcher looks heavy. There is a protruding rim on the top and bottom of the pitcher. Inside sits a batch of thin baby daisises. It seems theContinue reading “The picture of the pitcher on my wall”

Merging onto the highway

Do you remember when you first learned to drive? Or when you first had to merge onto the highway? I don’t. However today my teenager asked if she could practice driving on the highway for the first time. Feeling a little apprehensive, but knowing she needed this necessary skill, I quickly said “Yes, of course”.Continue reading “Merging onto the highway”

Plastic water bottles = a bathing suit?

I remembered reading a book by Julia Cameron, titled The Artist’s Way, where she wrote about the “Morning Pages Exercise”, and to “just write” every morning. Even if you can’t think of anything to write about just write. Here are my thoughts spilled out… I struggled to get up this morning because I have aContinue reading “Plastic water bottles = a bathing suit?”

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