Nature reigns!

I stepped out my front door today, to a foggy haze on the pond down the road. The sun was beaming though the mist. I felt greeted. On the way to work, in the road, on the side, by the grass, two robin red breasts were standing. Their colors were striking. As I drove down the winding hill, I noticed the trees were cut, the grass was raked, and as I looked up the side of the hill, my eyes followed the stone wall that I could now see from the clearing. Within a minute, I looked again up the hill. Two horses were standing at the top, in the beams of the sun, with their heads low to the ground, close together, eating their morning hay. On the last road, around the corner from school, a deer crossed the road up ahead. I slowed and watched it cross. I stopped to look in the eyes of the remaining deer waiting to cross. Elated, my morning ride held so much to take in! Begrudgingly, I entered school, as I had taken no photos to capture the glorious sights. As soon as I arrived home, my daughter was eager to go to the audobon center to snap some photos. Willingly, I obliged, and with her permission, I share what she was able to capture this evening.

Published by kflockhart

I've enjoyed writing since the first grade, since my aunt gave me a journal so long ago to write in. Now I write to enjoy the moments. I write to stretch and share my thoughts. I write to connect and find calm. Raising three kids, three rabbits and two cats, with a school social work career, I need the daily refuge writing offers. The simple reflections allow for an abundance of memories to the hurried pace of life.

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