Missed the writing

It is refreshing to be back. Back to writing and posting. I completed the March challenge and stepped away for a bit but here I am, back, wanting to slink into the mode. I passed a hill of daffodils this morning. A hill full of them! I couldn’t pull over to take a picture because I thought I was late for a meeting. No meeting. But I found the Slice of Life is back instead. The sun is shining. The day is new. What mood are you in this bright AM?


This being my first March of slicing everyday, I feel the need to reflect. The creative spirits were summoned up everyday in order to produce a piece. For that I am very thankful. Sometimes the ideas came easily, other days I needed to dig a little deeper. Connections to this writing community, where we share not just ideas, but also likes, empathy and encourgament, were motivating forces. Increased feelings of professionality, sustainability and reaching higher for a goal, were also achieved. Wonderful people met along the way, sharing ideas, thoughts, gripes, moments. To all the readers, writers, organizers, mentors-thank you all for being the wind beneath my wings this past month.

Tired of people telling me

Today a person said “You need to do….”. It made me feel so annoyed! I had already been doing that and it doesn’t work. They had only seen a snippet of the situation and felt they knew better and had the right to advise. I was proud for not letting my annoyance show. I was proud to not go in another room and complain about that person to another person. I was proud when we had a meeting late in the day and said “I have been doing that”. Still perturbed thinking about it though. Unsolicited advice. How does one let another person know, in a kind way, to just not go there?

Wanting the warmth

Now that we had a few warm days I am ready for more. I eagerly, and maybe too soon, emptied my closet of winter clothes. But now it is chilly and I need more layers for warmth. I arrived home early and curled up on my bed to read some catalogs from the mail. I fell asleep. I awoke to being frigid. This might have been a good thing because it got me up from the nap and down the stairs. Like a cat, I wanted to find a sunny spot on the wooden floor, and just bask in it. A hot cup of tea, for me, is soon to be. I’ll curl my hands around the mug, and just enjoy the boiled, spicy brew.

Early bird

Though it’s not early, it is early for my writing. I typically write in the afternoon or evening. It’s 9 am on a Sunday. I’ll log off soon to go to mass virtually.The air is still and gray outside. I’m ready to build a fire in the fireplace, though I have on short sleeves and birkenstocks. I could just put on a sweatshirt and socks, but I’m thinking the glow of a fire would be nice to warm the space. Light and heat beckon me. There is so much on the mind. How it will all get done. I’m feeling a weight as the week begins. A cup of coffee might help. Outside I can see my neighbor has completed his daily walk.The birds are bobbing near him. As I began this, and now as I end, the birds seem to be busy, and that they too want to nestle down for the chilly day. They are not chirping much. This could be a sign it’s a good day for staying in.

Every dress tells a story

Wanting to clean the closet

Make some room

Just can’t seem to part with the dresses

They each tell a story

The pink linen for my son’s baptism

The purple on a Christmas Eve

The baby blue for my best friend’s wedding

The azure blue with white eyelets for my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary

Even the ones I’ll near wear again.

Like the April Cornell garden of pinks and flowers for my bridal shower

Oh what to do with the dresses????

Moment of time

I have a moment in time to write quickly right now. I’ll be on my way soon to help students at the homework club. The same ten kids come each time, three days a week. It is optional that they come to do their homework, but I think they all like coming, so they do. Some of them sit alone to do work, some of them sit with a classmate to work on something, but they always are doing something. Getting something done. I am savoring my moment right now, taking the time to write. Breathe, write. Soon, go help. This moment will get me through the next 90 minutes of moments.

Closing in

The day is closing in and nightime is here. I still have yet to write this blog. There was a post earlier where the author stated there was nothing to write about today. I thought if I gave it more time a slice would find it’s way. Still nothing. Now a sink full of dishes needing to be done, laundry needing to be switched and folded. Almost bedtime. The house is quiet. The cat is asleep curled up in the chair next to me. Perhaps as I just let the moments pass, and do what has to be done, tomorrow will bring some fresh new ideas. Good night.

Nature reigns!

I stepped out my front door today, to a foggy haze on the pond down the road. The sun was beaming though the mist. I felt greeted. On the way to work, in the road, on the side, by the grass, two robin red breasts were standing. Their colors were striking. As I drove down the winding hill, I noticed the trees were cut, the grass was raked, and as I looked up the side of the hill, my eyes followed the stone wall that I could now see from the clearing. Within a minute, I looked again up the hill. Two horses were standing at the top, in the beams of the sun, with their heads low to the ground, close together, eating their morning hay. On the last road, around the corner from school, a deer crossed the road up ahead. I slowed and watched it cross. I stopped to look in the eyes of the remaining deer waiting to cross. Elated, my morning ride held so much to take in! Begrudgingly, I entered school, as I had taken no photos to capture the glorious sights. As soon as I arrived home, my daughter was eager to go to the audobon center to snap some photos. Willingly, I obliged, and with her permission, I share what she was able to capture this evening.

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